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Breaking the chains was founded with the soul purpose of providing free media content to rescues and shelters around the world. The animals of our world have no voice, which is why it is imperative that those who speak for them in the fight for their protection are heard both clearly and loud. 

In the development of great media content we expand their reach, audience and increase their support both financially and socially.  The more support we can get these selfless people dedicating their lives to the protection of animals the more they can do.

As the old saying goes " a picture paints a thousand words " and with high quality content we can evolve the progression of a shelter, rescue and organisation by years within a matter of days or weeks. 

Unfortunately there are three common underlying factors within most if not all countries that are rife with animal abuse.

These are Government/organisation neglect and or corruption, lack of prosecution for acts of animal cruelty and a lack of education. We not only help these shelters and rescues with free media content, we will then continue to work along side them in order to help tackle the countries underlying factors. 

We are also extremely conscious there are a lot of fraudulent organisations out there profiting from animal abuse. These organisations need identifying and prosecuting. Our team will investigate every case possible when notified of potential high level corrupt and fraudulent activity. If there is a situation you are aware of that that you feel needs looking into then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Breaking the chains was founded by well known Animal Portrait Photographer and animal rights activist Tom S-N and his wonderful partner Sarah.