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Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Avenija MB is a company in Serbia renowned for its murder, neglect and abuse of animals, over the past 9 years it is estimated to have submitted over 10,000 animals to the most horrific situations leading to the excruciating deaths of thousands of innocent animals.

How has this been allowed to continue you might ask? Well it most certainly is not through a lack of effort from animal rights activists across Serbia. For the past 9 years hundreds if not thousands of animal lovers have been fighting this company, they have obtained countless amounts of evidence, filed law suits and conducted protests all to no avail. The only true explanation for this is the ties this company has with the Serbian government which affords them unparalleled protection against any form of prosecution within the boundaries of Serbia. Here is the biggest kicker........ Not only will the Serbian government not prosecute them for their acts of animal cruelty they actually pay them to do it!!!!

Avenija MB has contracts with the Serbian government to remove animals from their streets, they are contracted to spay or neuter dogs and then release them back on to the streets along with microchipping them. It is incredibly clear the Serbian government does not really care how this is done as long as it is, they clearly don't care about how the animals are handled (see above image) or how they are transported.

The Serbian method of transporting animals is a metal trailer which as you can imagine in the summer months absorbs heat almost to boiling point, especially given they have no air conditioning. The trailer is segregated down the middle which creates two compartments, any reputable animal organisation or animal lover for that matter would clearly have the common sense to only place one dog in each compartment. This is not the case for Avenija MB, they fill their trailer with as many dogs as possible and often keep them in there baking with no water for countless hours (see video below).

As you can see from the video there is blood on the floor which is dripping from the trailer, there are countless dogs crammed against the cage trying to catch any breeze possible and unfortunately there is a dead or seriously injured dog pinned to the bottom of the cage. Placing scared, overheated and dehydrated dogs in an enclosed cage will only give one result..... they will attack one another out of fear and stress which will almost always result in death. This is a situation that does not bother or phase Avenija MB as they continue to operate in this manner, to them a dead dog is good business as they don't have to then pay out any expenses on medical fees.

The level of protection this organisation is afforded by the Serbian government is not just a danger to the animals that cross their paths but also the people. A few months ago there was a peaceful protest outside of Avenija MB and the veterinary inspectors was in attendance to inspect their facilities. By Serbian law you can not deny entry to the veterinary inspectors regardless to day or time, if they turn up and request access this must be granted unopposed (good law right?). Unfortunately it doesn't matter what the laws are when the Serbian government facilitates your criminal activities. On this particular day not only were the protesters and veterinary inspectors in attendance, so to were the police, knowing the laws regarding the veterinary inspection you would expect the police to ensure these laws were abided by but again they did not. As the protest went on a staff member of Avenija MB struck a female protester in the face with a shovel, the police witnessed this assault (against the law) and again did nothing, instead the police allowed staff members to man handle and threaten them, again both illegal by Serbian law. Below is a video of this incident..........

Having heard about the atrocities Avenija MB commit I decided during my trip to Serbia whilst filming the ' Breaking The Chains ' documentary series to see if they would allow me to interview them. On the day we chose to visit there was a small gathering of people protesting outside, I politely asked them if they would move away while I went to speak with them (they kindly obliged). With the small gathering waiting around the corner I approached a group of Avenija MB staff members who were sat behind a small fence (Six people in total), using my interpreter I politely asked If I could interview them to hear their side of the story. My polite approach was met with malice and aggression so I raised my hands, said goodbye and walked away. 10 minutes later this happened........ (see video below).

Yes thats correct, I got arrested for politely asking if I could interview them!

I was detained, transported to a local police station, held in a room for six hours, then blue lighted to a court and put straight on trial in front of a judge. I had no rights read to me, no interview and was not given the option to speak to or have a lawyer present. Thankfully for me the protesters who witnessed the entire incident got a lawyer on my behalf who arrived shortly after my trial in court had commenced. It was not until I was in the court room and in front of the judge I was finally told what my charges were " threats of violence " and threatening to " Break in to Avenija MB " none of these allegations were true and we had evidence on video which proved such. The police had no interest in watching the video at any point, despite the protesters all telling them it was a lie and we had the evidence to prove it. At the end of my trial all charges against me were dismissed as the evidence we offered to provide to the police was shown in court which proved they had made false allegations towards me.

So off the back of a false allegation I was detained and placed straight on trial in a Serbian court for apparently making threats despite video evidence and over 30 witnesses stating otherwise. Avenija MB however are allowed to physically assault members of the public with a weapon in front of police (no arrests made), refuse entry to the veterinary inspection in front of the police (no arrests made), physically man handle and verbally threaten police officers (no arrests made) as well as killing, torturing and neglecting thousands of animals they have still not faced any form of prosecution.

I would also like to add that falsifying a statement in a Serbian court is punishable by up to three years in prison, despite the court paperwork stating the individual in question had intentionally lied in court she still has not been prosecuted by Serbian law and is still free to reign terror on the amazing animals of Serbia.

Avenija MB is an organisation that thrives off killing, torturing, neglecting and abusing animals, they are not only afforded protection from Serbian law they are financed by the government. The very same government whose interior minister Aleksandar Vulin sanctioned a raid on Vucjak shelter off the back of evidence from yet another corrupt organisation profiting from animal abuse and then publicly stated on national television "The Serbian Government will not tolerate acts of torture, neglect or animal abuse of any kind".

Interior Minister Vulin is clearly a liar and an embarrassment to the amazing people of Serbia, he was put in place to protect and serve. Minister Vulin and Vucjak shelter will both feature in my next blog.

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