The Contradictions of Vulin!!!!

Aleksandar Vulin is a Serbian politician who in October 2020 was appointed as the Minister of Internal Affairs for Serbia.

On the 17th of June 2021 Vulin not only sanctioned but also attended a raid on Vucjak Shelter in Kragujevac, Serbia. The raid resulted in the arrest of owner Dejan Gagic, the freezing of all financial accounts and the seizing of the shelter itself. Vulin was present at the raid and wasted no time putting forward Serbias policy on animal abuse " it will not be tolerated " and stated Mr Gagic had been arrested and detained on grounds of "intentionally killing, torturing, neglecting and abusing the dogs entrusted to him".

Minister Vulin apparently sanctioned the raid on Vucjak Shelter after viewing video evidence created and published by a well known organisation in Serbia, this was posted on Facebook less than 24 hours before. The video in question is incredibly graphic, disturbing and portrays every aspect of Vulin's grounds for the raid on Vucjak shelter!!!

The organisation that obtained and provided the footage on the shelter state themselves to be a non profit organisation, yet for years they have filed NO financial reports stating where or to what their donations go towards, this same organisation was founded and has operated for years on intimidation, bullying and violence.

The individual who recorded the footage is well known for not only participating in dog fights but also organising them and the only person known to be in any of the footage and used as evidence is the person who filmed it and his accomplices, there is NO footage of Mr Gagic committing any of the crimes he is alleged to of committed.

We won't dig into how easily this footage can be staged, granted it would need to be an incredibly sick and twisted individual but let's not forget the person who filmed this is a huge fan of dog fighting, an incredibly sick and twisted act in itself.

According to reports, Minister Vulin was made aware of this video and instantly acted to put an end to these apparent acts of terror, all within 24hrs of the video emerging. I would be tempted to believe this if the Serbian government had a good track record of acting swiftly and decisively but unfortunately they do not.

The Serbian government is well known for its corruption, lack of animal prosecution and its complete disregard for animal welfare throughout its country.

For years an organisation called Avenija MB has found itself across all social media platforms for its acts of torture, neglect and abuse towards animals with high volumes of evidence to back it up, evidence that actually shows the individuals committing the crimes and no prosecutions have been made.

Isn't it strange how Minister Vulin will act swiftly upon one piece of evidence obtained by a criminal who regularly commits and facilitates acts of animal cruelty, which was then put out to the world by an organisation known for its violence, intimidation and fraudulent activities. Yet he will not act on thousands of pieces of evidence obtained and submitted by hard working, law abiding citizens? If you read my previous blog you will note the levels of protection afforded by the Serbian government to Avenija MB and how they protect them. The raid on Vucjak Shelter took place 24hrs after my arrest outside of Avenija MB, an arrest which generated a lot of negative national and international media attention both towards Avenija MB and the Serbian government. This is a rather timely coincidence to say the least, the reason for the swift and decisive raid on Vucjak Shelter is seen by many to be a mere political stunt to protect a shelter it is known to protect, by deflecting negative light onto an organisation they are not directly involved with.

Following the aftermath of the Vucjak Shelter raid and the grounds on which Dejan Gagic was detained and facing prosecution, you would expect the Serbian government to have taken the animals into care pending the outcome of the investigation and trial. This was not the case, only three days after the raid they handed control of the shelter back to the very team they had seized it from, they did this still having frozen all of their accounts and offered no financial support for the care of the animals, leaving the shelter penniless and with no means to feed the animals. On top of the financial burden of feeding the animals and providing for their care, they issued Vucjak Shelter a list of requirements they wanted them to meet in a short window which further added to the current financial pressure they were under. Around eight days after the raid, Dejan was released from custody and allowed to return back to the shelter despite the ongoing legal case. Correct me if i'm wrong but if Minister Vulin had detained and is still seeking legal prosecution of Dejan for the allegations above then why in the world has he returned the animals back to his care, especially when he apparently conducted this raid to protect the animals?

Minister Vulin appears to have no interest in the protection of animals. The situation he has put himself in with regards to this case can only portray him and his Government in a negative light, he has dug himself a hole with only one true means of escape that will allow him to save face with both the world and the Serbian people.

If Found Guilty:

If Dejan Gagic and Vucjak shelter are found guilty of the allegations they are facing then Minister Vulin is guilty of knowingly submitted over 800 dogs into the care of an individual suspected of "intentionally killing, torturing, neglecting and abusing the dogs entrusted to him". This is a huge violation of animal rights and he will have knowingly submitted a high quantity of defenceless animals to potential harm, this is an action that will not be looked upon lightly by animal lovers around the world or within Serbia.

If Found Not Guilty:

If Dejan Gagic and Vucjak shelter are found NOT guilty then Minister Vulin will be guilty of breaking the five principles called the "Five Freedoms" established in 1965 which Serbia signed and they are:

- Freedom from hunger, malnutrition and thirst,

- Freedom from fear and distress,

- Freedom from heat stress or physical discomfort,

- Freedom from pain, injury and disease,

- freedom to express normal patterns of life,

In releasing the Shelter back to Vucjak shelter with no financial support after the damaging media caused by the raid he is guilty of inflicting all of the above onto both the animals and the people of Vucjak Shelter. The physical and mental trauma this situation has caused to both the animals and people is unthinkable.

One True Means Of Escape:

If Minister Vulin wants to show the world and the Serbian people that both himself and the Serbian government truly have the interest of Serbian animals at heart then he has only one option:

Minister Vulin MUST find Dejan Gagic and Vucjak Shelter NOT guilty on all grounds, he must then prosecute LEVIJATAN (the organisation responsible for the raid) along with the individual responsible for obtaining the footage. They should not only prosecute them for these actions but also for all the illegal activities they have been conducting over recent years.

Levijatan is a poison not only to the animals of Serbia but also its people, for years they have operated violently under an animal welfare front using intimidation, bullying and fraudulent activity to gain a political presence.

Minister Vulin needs to take a step back and realise his actions are a direct contradiction to the very words that came out of his mouth. Until certain Governments, organisations and people start to truly act in the best interest of animals and not for personal gain, the animals of our world will not be safe. We no long