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Breaking the chains isn't just about helping neglected and abused animals and the organisations that support them, it is also very much about creating change, which will hopefully reduce the amount of animals from ever being in those situations in the future, prevention is far more important than aftercare. By reducing the amount of animals in need we are relieving the pressures and strains faced by those who work to rescue them.  In supporting us each and everyone of you will be facilitating not only the production of gritty/real media content which will help raise awareness and much needed funds for the organisations in need, you will also be helping us fight for prevention. 

Great media pieces are incredibly time consuming and the equipment needed for them are expensive, but the benefits both in awareness and financial support from donors they will generate are far greater. 

Also if you choose to support us on Patreon you will get access to pre released and exclusive footage along with other magnificent content.You can then sit and watch with pride knowing that your support has facilitated every piece of work we produce and know you are making a difference. 

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Support us on Patreon

By supporting us on Patreon you are not only helping us to fight for the rights and protection of our animals and those who fight for them around the world, you will also get access to unseen footage, behind the scenes footage, early access to our new podcast episodes and so much more. Patreon is a monthly subscription platform and you can choose from a variety of tiers and exclusive bonus content. You can also cancel your subscription at anytime.


If you would like to help us in our fight to protect our animals and those who fight for them around the world you can do so with a one off PayPal payment of your choosing. Media content is incredibly affective and important in raising the awareness needed to fight for the rights of our animals. It is also incredibly time consuming and expensive, By supporting us you are increasing our chances of success dramatically.